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Reactor Parts


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Lost something? Need a part replaced? Here is a list of parts that can be replaced if you need your plate to look and feel brand new:

  • Kingpin and Nut (1 of each) $5
  • Truck (1 truck) $15
  • Bushing Cups (1 of each – top and bottom) $6
  • Delrin Pivot Cups (set of 4) $12
  • Axle Lock Nuts (8mm set of 8) $5
  • Powerdyne Wrench $8
  • Toe Stop Set Screw (1) $1

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Kingpin and Nut (1 of each), Truck (each truck), Cushion Retainers (1 of each), Delrin Pivot Cups (set of 4), Axle Lock Nuts (8mm set of 8), Toe Stop Set Screw, Powerdyne Kingpin Wrench


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